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My personal project. "Inspiration"


I love travelling. And I have various memories in the countries I traveled.

I wanted to make it a work of art, and the first work I made was "Inspiration project".




As I traveled, I saw Korean cars in various countries.
And I looked at those cars and thought about Korean car brands.


There are Hyundai Motor and Kia Motor brands in Korea, and I feel proud that there is such a car brand in Korea.


Korean cars that I went on my favorite trip and met.
And I wanted to express my dreams of the future that I imagined while watching those cars.


This project is a personal work project that I made by combining my favorite car and my artwork.


It was one of my artistic goals to combine my artwork with my favorite car.



I draw what I imagine in my sketchbook every time I travel.



< Line sketch operation >

Title - Face


I traveled to the United States with other artists in 2018, 

where I was able to experience a variety of people and places.




I went to the United States for exhibitions and seminars with Korean artists.

There I looked at the American scene and people from the perspective of the artist, and I was able to experience the diversity of United States.


The United States where various people live together.
From that experience I painted what I felt.
The artwork is "face".


And, I thought that this artwork, "Face", would go well with Kia Motor "Telluride".



< Line sketch operation >

Title - Love


This is a artwork that shows the meaning of the family and the dream car that I love.




It is a "Stinger" that I saw when I went on a trip with my beloved wife.


This artwork is love is work for my wife, the title is "Love".

My wife always gives me energy and is like light.


I wanted to express my memories that I experienced while traveling with her.

I dream of "Stinger" with my beloved wife.


And, I thought that my artwork, "Love", would go well with Kia Motor ' "Stinger".



< Line sketch operation >

Title - Mother


This is a artwork of memories of a my friend mother and family living in the United States.




This is a artwork "Mother" that expresses the mother of an American friend. His family were all warm-hearted people.


Especially, his mother welcomed us warmly and gave us delicious food.

I wanted to give gifts to her and my friend, and that gift is this artwork.


This work is expressed by my artwork because my friend car is Hyundai Motor "KONA".
(Hollywood movie Iron Man edition car)



< Line sketch operation >

Title - Inspiration



It is the work that recorded the "inspiration" obtained from the trip.




This is a car called "Palisade" that I experienced when I was traveling with my family in Korea. It is an SUV made by Hyundai Motor.

It's a car with memories that allowed me to travel with my family.
Hyundai Motor "Palisade" and Kia Motor "Telluride" are brother vehicles. I felt comfortable riding on the "Palisade".
 If I had a baby in my future, I thought it would be good to drive safely with a comfortable space.


 I've been able to express the "imagination" that has emerged as a comfortable journey.



I want to draw various experiences in the future.

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