Characters brand collaboration

BANASTAR Character brand

I made a collaboration work of character brand "BANASTAR" with 4BD studio.


I made the existing "BANASTAR" character design with my own style of illustration :D

It's a lot of fun to create new environments and designs for bright, cheerful, and cheerful characters.


Character design has its own unique charm. It makes people happy, makes them laugh.


I always come up with various idea sketches first. 

And before we start working on the design, we first sketch a variety of fun elements.

002-c copy.jpg

I imagined the place where they were staying, 

and I imagined enjoying listening to music, so I expressed it as a work.


"BANASTAR" and all the friends gathered together! 

They're going to get ready to go on a trip.




"A world tour with friends on a banana boat!"


I remembered the characters who were having fun while preparing for the trip.

​I imagined their work as a scene from an animation








< Large mural design work >



"BANASTAR" characters signed a character agreement with Bucheon City, South Korea.

I was a character collaboration writer and worked on the wall painting design.


I wanted to share the charm of character design with more people.

And I wanted to share the charm with as many people as possible.




I did sketching and line drawing work on two large 100-meter murals.
(Total length of 200 meters)

This was an amazing experience!



Sketch drawing for this project is the biggest sketch I've ever done in my life.


Various volunteers, students, and police participated in the large mural project to help paint.

I was so grateful to everyone who participated in the project. 

And I was happy to make a work with young students.

20180617_162311 copy.jpg
20180621_104650 copy.jpg
20180627_160235 copy.jpg



After the completion of the large mural project, there was a place where everyone who participated

and the citizens of the city celebrated together.



IMG_0389 copy.jpg
IMG_0392 copy.jpg


With the representatives who helped with the big mural project.

< Community Service Representative, Police Chief, Art Academy Director, Artist KAZE PARK >

IMG_0530 copy.jpg


Even now, "BANASTAR" characters are collaborated and produced in various forms and are expressed in

public places and public institutions in Bucheon, Korea.


"BANASTAR" will continue to collaborate to convey fun and happiness to more people.




As part of that, in 2021, the "BANASTAR" character won the Idea Award at the Asia Design Platform (ADP).



Thank you to 4BD Studio's "BANASTAR" character original writer "BOGTAE" and fellow artist "1000DAY".