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신기한 쥐들 여기 모였쥐…‘쥐의 해’ 맞아 쥐 전시회 열려
부천시장 표창패
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Kaze Park - For ESPN
연합뉴스 TV
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KBS 공중파를 타다
감사패를 받다
" 스포츠 정신, 예술로 승화 ... 한국 선수를 응원합니다 "
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DongA 동아일보에
IT 동아 및 한국 HP 에서

KAZE PARK, Artist in south Korea. 

He is making his own world. His path so far consists of various experiences,

and he hope to share those experiences with many people.
Welcome to KAZE PARK world.


Kaze Park - For ESPN

IN 2017 ,ESPN Has Collected Several Artworks From Many Countries That Play Baseball at the WBC league. I am the Korean representative artist of this project. I created this artwork in the background of Korean traditional culture and history. I try to express traditional Korean culture, style, architecture in this artwork. Among them, Taegeuk contains the meaning of the world in harmony with the Yin and Yang. This artwork has unique scent of color and touch of Korea only.

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